radiohead-in rainbows

October 12, 2007

well, if anyone didn’t know, radiohead has finished their new album, and the shit is not in stores. no, no they decided to open a website, and for a minimum of 90 cents (credit card transaction fee) you can get the album. me, i decided to throw down 5 pounds, about 10 bucks.

there’s some contention around the album though. while i’m not thrilled about this, i can’t say i’m pissed. i was already thinking about ordering the discbox for myself for christmas (for bein such a good boy this year). i would love to have some radiohead on vinyl. plus the added cd, if the live versions are any indicator, makes it worth it. two cds, two LPS, and an art book. and you should all know how much i love stanley donwood, who does all the art for radiohead and is one of my favourite writers.

so, i’ve got a ‘sub-par’ recording (160kbps). yes, i notice. but the fact is, i rarely use my cd player. it’s much easier to use my computer- itunes is by far the best software for large libraries. so, this ‘sub-par’ recording sounds the same as all my other mp3s, and the cds i’ve been burning for years, because i do not buy them anymore.

does that make me a bad person? no, it makes me a pragmatic person. with little exception, bands get about ten percent of the profits from album sales. the real money is in merch and tours. i don’t feel a damn bit of regret when i look at stacks of burned cds, knowing some fat greasy fucks who have been systematically destroying the institutions of music through sloth and greed and sheer stupidity are not getting any of my money.

i do buy records at shows. i do try to go to shows. i may be leeching a bit, but nowhere near as much as the industry does on its artists. if anything, i’ve ended up giving more money to music because i download regularly.

the hard copy of in rainbows is coming out in january, printed by a major label. but when i bought the album online, the money went directly to a band i fucking love.

and this album, it blows hail to the thief out of the water, without a doubt. i can’t wait to hear it on vinyl, and hear the bonus disc tracks, particularly ‘bangers n mash’.

this album is gritty, soaring, and very creepy all at once. the final version of ‘nude’, a song i’ve been covering for years that previously was only available from live recordings is gorgeous. my version isn’t bad either.

in the grand tradition of most radiohead albums, there’s some real weepers on here. the last track will likely make you cry. think ‘motion picture soundtrack’ meets ‘fog’ meets ‘cuttooth’. phil selway’s drums are incredible, and thom yorke’s voice has gotten even more like an abused angel’s.

since it’s only a dollar (if you don’t want to give them your money for a sub-par recording) i recommend picking it up without delay.

it still pains me to know they’re never going to write another album like the bends (fuck off, i’m a bar rat, and bar rats like loud guitars and beer, think-music and wine comes second) i’m really glad they took the time to write a really solid album. hail made me think they had peaked.

radiohead-in rainbows: grade: A

and as a notice, from now on, i’ll be doing music reviews more often, and more in the style of real reviews. i used to do it all the time. just google me, i still show up in places.


3 Responses to “radiohead-in rainbows”

  1. Aaron Says:

    figures you’re all ready to blow a hot sweaty load over an album produced by radiohead…

    while the album has its merits it certainly isn’t A quality. after the first 5 tracks the album starts to taper off and i lose interest quite easily. i’ll agree that it does surpass Hail to the Thief in quality, however i didnt particularly care for Hail much either. Similarly, after about the first 5 tracks in Hail i lost interest. it had neat ideas but the execution just wasnt up to par.

    the recorded version of nude is the shining moment on the album, however thom york indulges too much with the vocal noodling. The last 30 seconds of moaning could have been cut and the song would be that much better.

    as a whole the album covers no new ground. the drumming is unimaginative and the style itself is nearly derivative.

    on the plus side a few of the tracks supply a luscious soundscape, and elements of jazz are heard. i would have loved it if Radiohead had really delved into the jazz influence in the likes of Life in a Glass House. if anyone has the artistic license and ability to experiment it would be Radiohead. its a shame they didnt get out of their shell again. Jigsaw Falling Into Place is a good track and the driving beat is the appeal of the song. Thom strings his lyrics on and helps the drive of the song.

    the first track is probably my personal favorite and seems to be the most musically accomplished. the beat is great and the little guitar ditty is pleasant. and the sampling of the children yelling really gives character to the song. the rest of the album does not live up to this song.

    Radiohead has again completed an album that i find most useful to play in the background while i do homework. grade: B

  2. Aaron Says:

    PS i payed 5 bucks for mine…i am in love with the idea of artists selling their own music. i felt like my 5 bucks was a personal thank you. i would have loved to send the band a personal note with payment saying something like “thanks for being real human beings who dont feel they are above their fans”. i was happy to give them some moneys. even if the tracks were only 160 kbps.

    people who are causing hullabaloo over radiohead and NiN paving the way for the death of record companies need to give cred to the smashing pumpkins and the free release of Machina II.

  3. thraygun Says:

    write your own reviews on your own blog.

    you can call it ‘i’m wrong about everything’.

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